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people keep asking me for my berserker ele build so i made graphics, and now people are still asking so im making a post of the graphics so i don’t have to imgur it all every time

play this build and you too can be called Elitist Trash by people who don’t do as much damage as you (i.e. literally everyone except thieves who are traited for vulnerability on crit and are wielding your fiery greatsword. so basically everyone)

also i put this on the wrong blog so reposting it

reblogging for all the passionate ele players


Garenhoff is a small port town located in the south east of Kessex Hills in Wizard’s Fief. The village is heavily populated with tamed Earth and Ice Elementals, which protect the town and perform a variety of labor. The elementals are summoned by Isgarren, who lives in Wizard’s Tower; they obey whatever commands the villagers give them. Due to this, the village is considered the safest place in the land, and due to the Wizard’s Tower and elementals has heavy tourist traffic.

The Wizard’s Tower is a floating structure that once resided off Kessex Peak during Guild Wars, at the central southern edge of modern Kessex Hills. It has since been relocated by its new owner, Isgarren, to the southeastern edge of Kessex Hills. It was once rumored to house magical tomes and artifacts.


having the worst internet connection in your friend group




People trying to auto-attack the wall in WvW




People trying to auto-attack the wall in WvW



finally got around to finishing paladin for the class prints based of my friends’ characters so mass post time!


My friend who plays Chinese GW2 sent me this gif. ovo


heavenly peace #GuildWars2